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AD9361 Control Output Signals Available via SPI?

Question asked by Paul.T. on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by tlili

In our AD9361 Design we are not able to route all 8 Control Output Signals to the Baseband, although we may be able to connect a sub-set up, maybe 4 out of the 8.  I'm trying to decide which 4 would be best.  My first thoughts were to ignore any signals that could be inspected via the SPI.  For instance I believe that "Rx RF PLL Lock" [Control Output Pointer = 0x01, Bit 6] is also available as SPI Register 0x247 D1.  Is there a list available of alternative sources for the Control Output Signal contents, or do I need to laboriously cross-check through the AD9361 Register Map with the AD936x Control Output User Guide to try to associate the various signals?


I'm likely to give a high priority to the Gain Control Threshold Detector Signals, as I have not managed to find any of those available via the SPI. Have I just missed them in the register map?


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