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Retro chips and how to get them programmed - ADMCF328xx

Question asked by Asterion on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by Asterion

I have both a 2181 EZ-KIT Lite and a 2111 based EZ-LAB board from yonks ago.


Just dusting them off I've sorted out getting the software tools that came with them to dust off my DSP work from years ago and pick it up again, at least at hobby level.


Question though is AD has dropped ADMCF328xx chips (I see) but you can buy them for cents (more or less) from the after market.


I can't find any info on how to program ADMCF328xx so I was interested in an info there is on that topic in the archives at AD that I could get access to to look into this project.


I am not interested in high end tools etc. given I am only dabbling (so not looking at spending $$), but I am happy wire wrap something up to take advantage of these ADSP-2100 based devices.


I have played with 2k1FORTH so even if having to extend the raw assembler in that to get to additional instructions might be possible (though on first inspection the chips use memory mapped registers).


So, any timing and signal info on how to bomb these ADMCF328xx would be appreciated.