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ADSP21369 / AD1835A L/R Audio Channel Help please?

Question asked by BartW on Aug 12, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by BartW


I'm new to the Analog DSPs and this forum.

I' have had a read of the forum however this still will come across as a newbie question i'm sure...


I'm trying to get a Platform running in which i can get single left sample and single right sampe from the ADC in the AD1835.


I have writen a C version of the ASM example of the analog in/out talk thru code.

This works well however I CAN NOT determine if the data is from the left or right channel.

Any ideas???


I have had a run up of the Block Bases but i don't understand the theroy of block based transfers as i just want one sample every sample period.

Is there any pdfs or information about this topic availible online?