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AD9548 SYSCLK locked but not stable

Question asked by Guan on May 13, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by Guan

Hi, All,


I configured the register using I2C, now, I generate register forms using AD9548 Evaluation software.


Configure sequence:

1.Reset the AD9548,

2.Config all registers,

3.Wait DPLL phase lock(using 0xD0A),

but I found that 0x0D0A is always 00. So I check SYSCLK locked register. I found that it's not stable.

Now, some register value is:

silicon number: C3(the value is strange, because the datasheet is C6)

Device id:48

0xD0A: 00

0xD01: 01, it means status of not stable, locked. I change system clock stability period from 1ms to 64ms, but it always is not stable.


So I want to know some possible reasons for my design, including hardware and registers.  I'll appreciated for your reply. Thanks.


Best regards.


Guan Jian