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CRC error false readout

Question asked by drugoimir on May 13, 2014
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i'm referring to this post:


in which is reported:

I have one more serious issue with the CRC: It causes false alarms whenever there is heavy I2C-activity.


These false alarms can simply be reset by clearing the error: If I disable CRC, then enable it again, then the CRC error sticky bit  goes back to zero and remains zero - without reloading the DSP code! Therefore I am pretty sure that I am not accidentally overwriting any code during the "high activity" I2C phase, during which I am adjusting hundreds of mixer settings.

If however I deliberately write garbage into program RAM, then simply clearing the error no longer works - which is the correct behavior. In this case I really have to reload the code to make the error bit stick to zero again.


I'm having the same problem: after fighting with CRC issues ( i finally managed

to have it working, but when there's IIC traffic i get random bad CRC readouts, which are cleared simply disabling and reenabling CRC check.

I modified my DSP check routine to attempt the "CRC disable/enable" trick, before to reset and reload DSP firmware.


Why these false readouts?

Is there any "clean" solution to avoid CRC trickery?


I'm using an ADAU1446