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4k input with CP_FORCE_FREERUN(ADV7619)

Question asked by Kikka on May 12, 2014
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I have a strange phenomenon with ADV7619.

Please give me your advice.


When 4k signal with poor quality is inputed to ADV7619, it seems LLC output would be unstable.

But if CP_FORCE_FREERUN(CP map, 0xBF[0]) is set to 1, then LLC output becomes stable.


     The register settings for 4k is made based on RecSettings document and eval-board scripts.

     Of course, If HD input, CP_FORCE_FREERUN makes free-run.


Do you have any idea why above phenomenon occurs?

When 4k input, does enabling CP_FORCE_FREERUN have any side effect?


Best regards.