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Collecting 8 Channels in Visual Analog (AD9276, EVALCZ)

Question asked by gouldluke on May 12, 2014
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My lab is trying to collect 8 channels of data through the AD9276 ADC evaluation board and the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board. We created a canvas that duplicates the "samples" template 4 times, and changed the output data field in the ADC Data Capture so that we were collecting data from all 8 channels. Each channel was set to collect 8kb of data.  We also changed the FPGA programming file to High_Speed_Octral_Synchronous_capture.bin as the datasheet for the ADC9276 states this is necessary for collecting data for all 8 channels.


We were only able to see data from the first channel listed in each ADC Data Capture block. We verified that each input was receiving an analog signal, but the data shown in visual analog was "-1" for each sample on the channels that did not collect data. Attached is the canvas we used, please let me know what we should do to collect from all 8 channels.


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