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MCLKI and OUTPUT_LRCLK/BCLK synchronous?

Question asked by ChristianH on May 12, 2014
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I was looking to some app notes and diskussions but found no final answer to this question.


I use an ADAU1701 with 3 external ADCs and 1 external DAC which will be connected via I2S to the SDATA pins.

I think I will use an oscillator with 12.288MHz to feed the MCLKI of the 1701 and also the master clock inputs of the external converters.

ADAU1701 should be the I2S master.


I'm not sure if the generated OUTPUT_LRCLK and OUTPUT_BCLK signals on the 1701 are synchronous to the oscillator clock feeding the MCLKI pin.

I would guess it but I want to be sure.


Can anybody confim this?


Otherwise I think I have to use one ADC as master and distribute this clocks to the other converters and the 1701.