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undefined resister setting of ADV7619

Question asked by Kozono on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by mattp



In "ADV7619_SW_Manual_rev0.pdf", some bits in register map are not defined.

And some of them has default value as 1. Can we change the register value of these undefined registers?

Or should we not change the default value of these registers?


For example, page 9 of 146, HDMI block, ADD:0x14, Register name:MUTEMASK21_16.

This register is read write register. and bit3 and bit2 are not defined. but default value is 1.

can we set 0 for these registers? (for other undefined registers)


if we can set 0 for those kind of registers, we need to think only the defined register.

so it's easy to set the register setting.