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ADSP-BF609 DEBUG  error --Failed to connect to Processor

Question asked by zhoudezhi on May 12, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by DavidS


I'm recently experiencing problems with ADSP-BF609 when I try to Program ADSP-BF609 via ICE-100B emulator,the BF609's version is v0.1

and CCES's version is 1.0.3


I Get this message :


[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.


Error: 0x8004804a

Error Description: Detected number of device does not match settings


I have Read the Emulator and Evaluation Hardware Troubleshooting Guide for

CCES Users,and there is no information about this error code.

I try to disconnec the emulator to my target board  and The message changed,as Below:

[TpsdkServer] Failed to connect to processor.

Error: 0x80048049

Error Description: Failed detecting number of device connected


I have done the ICE test and the ICE test result As Below:

Open emulator interface:Successe

Resetting ICEPAC module :Successe

Testing ICEPAC memory:Successe

Determing scan path :error


Any one has seen this problem before?

What should i do to solve this problem?


Best Regards

Beck Chow