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MDAC output V-I + current buffering?

Question asked by t.stern on May 10, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by AnnaFeB

Although it might seem the question is centered around an MDAC, there's more analog content than digital I think.


I'm feeding a 10Vp-p signal into an MDAC, the output is converted to voltage using the 1st op amp (I'm not sure this is hooked up correctly). Using this connection the voltage swing of the signal is all above 0V I think (as Iout2 is referenced to ground). After this stage there's a non inverting mixer stage which adds bipolar DC offset that can "center" the signal or shift it up / down. Because the output is 50 Ohms and I need to drive it I added a buffer (from an obscure company called TI ).


1. Is this design more or less OK? What would you change in the op amp implementation?

2. The signal max freq. is 1MHz, which op amp can handle that in a voltage swing of +- 15V and fits the application shown here (MDAC follower) + mixer?