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Detailed Info on the AD7609 CONVST A/B Signals

Question asked by bradwiitala on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2014 by KarenNE

I need some detailed info on the AD7609 CONVST A/B signals.


We have six of these converters in a new design and have tired the CONVST A and CONVST B signals together. (12 pins total)

If we pulse this line for 250 nsec but there is some leading edge glitches or funny rise time (from the large fanout), we will have any issues? The datasheet states that the CONVST pulse can be as narrow as 25 nsec.
My thinking is that the internal state machine will do it's thing for the 4 usec conversion time and then go back to looking at the CONVST signal again. So, if there is a bit of junk on the edges (overshoot or slower rise time) on the 250 nsec pulse, everything should be okay?