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EVAL-ADuC7023QSPZ1 connection issues

Question asked by nate.domin on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 13, 2014 by nate.domin

I've purchased two ADuC7023 evaluation boards (1 Eval-ADuC7023QSPZ1 and 1 Eval-ADuC7023QSPZ) and they each fail me in the same way.


  • I cannot program them using the ADuC7023EVAL-I2CSWD downloader tool
  • I cannot find them in the JTAG chain using SEGGER's J-Flash ARM (v4.84e)


When using the ADuC7023EVAL-I2CSWD:

Monitor status shows: "Building up connection..."

and then a modal pop-up shows: "An invalid argument was encountered"


When using J-Flash ARM:

I receive the following modal popup when trying to connect:  "Could not find any flash devices Failed to connect"

Even when JTAG speed is set to 750 kHz and/or 500 kHz.