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adis16480 spi configuration and processing overrun

Question asked by on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by NevadaMark
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Hi there,


My first day to test 16480.

I attatched two files with spi signal (0x7E00) sent from my processor based on different configurations, could you pls tell me which one is right?


Also, i encounted processing overrun when I read gyro, accel, euler, sys_e_flag data successively at about 2K Hz. I'm using my own process to read the sensor data. I have not found the patterns yet. What might caused this?

It seems there is no such wired things with eval-adis. does the eval-adis recover from this error automatically? 

Actually what I need for this application are pitch and roll angles with sys_e_flag. Can i remove or disable something like magnetometer and/or gravity?