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ADV7612 TVDD have a leakage current issue

Question asked by AJ9520 on May 9, 2014
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Our customer using ADV7612 in their platform(Projector) have a leakage current issue on TVDD need your help.

They used source from display card (GTX 780Ti / Nvidia Geforce 7950 GX2 / Nvidia Geforce 7100GS...).

and found the ADV7612 TVDD have 2.63V due to the display card output HDMI or DVI signal to projector when the projector in standby mode

But if source is  DVD player or pattern generator HDMI out don't have this issue.

Our customer need to know why ADV7612 have 2.63V on TVDD leakage current when projector in standby mode(this standby mode is no any power supply to ADV7612).

Please kindly explain this symptom. Thanks~

PS : ADV7612 had found TMDS signal input in input pin from display card, but source is DVD player or pattern generator is no this signal when projector in standby mode.