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User space GPIOs do not work for xcomm_zynq kernel head.

Question asked by SnookEE on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by larsc

I am attempting to understand why the GPIO user space drivers do not work from the xcomm_zynq branch of the analoginc/linux fork.


root@zc702-zynq7-analog:/sys/class/gpio# echo 11 > export

-sh: echo: write error: No such device


I am using a kernel built against xcomm_zynq on a zc702 evaluation board revision C.


I had an issue with the Ethernet not working properly and had found which fixed this issue for the SD card from analog devices for the fmc-comms-2-ebz as delivered. This SD card seems to be running a 3.12 version of the kernel and states to have been built in December of 2013.


I do not see any indication of how to recreate the particular version of the kernel/device tree that are on this card.


Furthermore, there seem to be numerous fixes for the 9361 downstream of wherever this 3.12 kernel came from that may be necessary. My project plans to target the IIO driver for the 9361.  I would appreciate any guidance on how to either fix the GPIO user space driver issue I am seeing, or at the least some guidance on how to  recreate the SD card as delivered. The wiki is not of much use as it points me to the xcomm_zynq head, which does not work.