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Queries about ADF4360-8 Unlocking...

Question asked by WayneQ on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by RobThorpe

Hi, there


I used ADF4360-8 in my project. Most of PLLs can lock well - 98 boards of 100 boards. But some can lock firstly, then they lost lock after a period of time. I also changed new ADF4360-8 in failed board, the unlock is always there...

My schematic is attached and my register setting is as below.

/* Config ADF4360 Registers*/

adf4360_write(0x340011); /* R counter latch */

adf4360_write(0x06f924); /* Control latch */

adf4360_write(0x002802); /* N counter latch */


Could you please help give some comments or clues for the issue?


Thanks in advance!