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FMCOMMS2 and Vivado 2013.4 HDL Reference Design

Question asked by Quamstar on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by rejeesh

Hey Guys,


regarding to this Discussion, i would like to push this Topic. I tried to build the Librarys for the AD9361 and the Project fmcomms2 from into Vivado 2013.4, as well as 2014.1 but in any cases i become the following error by building the project. By the way i tried the instruction on



### set axi_iic_main [create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv axi_iic_main]

### set_property -dict [list CONFIG.USE_BOARD_FLOW {true} CONFIG.IIC_BOARD_INTERFACE {IIC_MAIN}] $axi_iic_main



ERROR: [BD 5-216] VLNV <> is not supported for this version of the tools

ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'create_bd_cell' failed due to earlier errors.


    while executing

"create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv sys_i2c_mixer"

    invoked from within

"set sys_i2c_mixer [create_bd_cell -type ip -vlnv sys_i2c_mixer]"

    (file "../../../projects/common/zed/zed_system_bd.tcl" line 64)


    while executing

"source $ad_hdl_dir/projects/common/zed/zed_system_bd.tcl"

    (file "system_bd.tcl" line 2)


    while executing

"source system_bd.tcl"

    (procedure "adi_project_create" line 88)

    invoked from within

"adi_project_create fmcomms2_zed"

    (file "./system_project.tcl" line 7)


Does anybody had already problems like this and can provide a solution?


Thanks and regards