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Problem to build the blackfin-buildroot-2013-RC2 with BF609 configuration

Question asked by hichem on May 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by Aaronwu



I have downloaded the new µClinux blackfin buildroot 2013 RC2 version and its toolchain.

After installing the toolchain and setting its path, I have executed the following commands under linux kernel path (blackfin-buildroot\linux\linux-kernel):

- make BF609-EZKIT_defconfig

- make all

the kernel have build successfully.

but when I tried to build the build root by executing the following commands:

- make bf609-ezkit_defconfig

- then enable theses options :

Toolchain  --->   

     [*] Toolchain has IPv6 support?

     [*] Toolchain has WCHAR support?

- make all


I have received the following error: "/home/user_name/blackfin-buildroot/linux/linux-kernel is not clean, please run 'make mrpropoer' ".


when I have executed the previous commad (make mrpropoer) under linux kernel path (blackfin-buildroot\linux\linux-kernel), the kernel config is restored to the default one.


Please show me the detailed steps to build the µClinux blackfin buildroot to fit the BF609-EZKIT?


Thanks in advance.