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My AD9834 doesn't work. Please check my schematic and SPI signals

Question asked by Huya on May 7, 2014
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SPI test.jpg


Hi all,


I tried to use AD9834 to make sine wave, but it doesn't work.


I checked a lot of schematics of AD9834, including the evaluation board circuit, and referred to an application note AN-1070 for SPI communication programming.


The first image is the schematic and the second one is SPI signals.


The signals are


0b 00 10000100000000

0b 01 11111111111111

0b 01 11111111111111

0b 11 00000000000000

0b 00 10000000000000



Please help me to solve the problem.


(I use only Iout. I don't use Iout B.)