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Can the electro-magnetic field affect the IMU operation?

Question asked by on May 7, 2014
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I am using ADIS 16364 IMU for an RC aircraft control which uses electric motor for a power system.  I have two questions about IMU malfunction.


1. In the middle of flight, I increased the throttle setting from 30% to 70% to pull up the aircraft.  The aircraft moved upward and GPS also showed the aircraft moving upward.  But the accelerometer output of IMU indicated downward movement which was reverse direction of real flight.  After landing, I checked supplied voltage and temperature of IMU in the logged data.  But they were normal.


  Because it happened at sudden change of power to electric motor, it is doubtful that the electro-magnetic field can affect the IMU.  I knew that EM can affect the communication between IMU and CPU.  But I don't think it is due to communication problem because the outputs of IMU stayed in the dynamic range and no strange peak was observed.



2. Second behaviour happened after hard landing(not crash).  The x-axis accelerometer output was saturated to 5g even in no movement.  So I performed self-test several times on the IMU and got fail message for each trial.  Two hours later I performed self-test again and got success message in this case.  During two hours, IMU was cured.


In this case I am not sure that I can use that IMU again.  Is the IMU damaged?  And what is the safe operation range of IMU?  I think that the acceleration applied on IMU at the hard landing is less than 10g which is twice bigger than the ADIS 16364 dynamic range, 5g.  Can 10g acceleration damage the ADIS 16364?