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ADE7953 UART problem

Question asked by on May 6, 2014
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Hello, did any use UART interface on ADE 7953?

When I select SPI comunication every thing is OK, but on same board when I select UART comunication, I don't get aby answer from ADE7953.


For UART select I put pin 28 ( CS ) to 3V3 and  pin25 (SCK) to GND. And then I try read any register, for example CONFIG reg at adress


I send to UART (at speed 4800 baud)  this: 0x35 0x01 0x02 and after t2 (6ms) I should get answer from ADE7953. But I don't get anytihmg.

At pin26 (TX pin of ADE) is still HIGH and no activity.


Have anybody succesfull comunication with this UART?