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The register configuration for ADV7511 difference between 1080P and 720P video

Question asked by buddha1987 on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by buddha1987

I have a design in Xilinx VC707 board. The original design is displaying 8;8;8 RGB 1080P video. Now I need to change it to display 720P video, But there is nothing changes only except video size. Then I checked my original IIC configuration list for ADV7511 (it is working):



  {0x18,0x46,},  // CSC disabled

  {0x40,0x00,},   //   General Control packet enable disabled, if 0x80 will be enabled

  {0x41,0x10,},  // Power down control

                                                                                                               {0x48,0x00,}, //  0b00001000 Data right justified, or 0x00

   {0x49,0xA8,},   // Bit Trimming Mode: Truncate

   {0x4c,0x00,},   // 8 bit Outpute

   {0x55,0x00,},   // Set RGB 444 in AVinfo Frame

                                                                                                               {0x56,0x08,},   // Set active format Aspect

                                                                                                               {0x96,0x20,},   // HPD Interrupt clear (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0x98,0x03,},  // HPD Interrupt clear (fixed

                                                                                                               {0x99,0x02,},  // HPD Interrupt clear (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0x9a,0xe0,},  // ADI Recommended Write

                                                                                                               {0x9C,0x30,},  // PLL Filter R1 Value (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0x9D,0x61,},  // Set clock divide (no divide)

                                                                                                               {0xA2,0xA4,},  // ADI Recommended Write (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0xA3,0xA4,},  //ADI Recommended Write (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0xA5,0x04,},  // ADI Recommended Write (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0xAB,0x40,},  // ADI Recommended Write (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0xAF,0x16,},  // Set HDMI Mode,  0x06 from post

                                                                                                               {0xBA,0x60,},  // Set HDMI Mode, 0x00 from post, no clock delay

                                                                                                               {0xd0,0x3c,},  // no clock delay

                                                                                                               {0xD1,0xFF,},  // ADI Recommended Write (fixed)

                                                                                                               {0xDE,0xD8,},  // ADI Recommended Write (fixed) May be wrong

                                                                                                               {0xe0,0xd0,},  // ADI Recommended Write

  {0xE4,0x60,},  //  VCO_Swing_Reference_Voltage (Fixed)

   {0xf9,0x00,},  // VCO_Swing_Reference_Voltage

                                                                                                               {0xFA,0x00,},  //VCO_Swing_Reference_Voltage (May have problem),  // Nbr of times to search for good phase

                                                                                                               {0x17,0x02}    // Aspect ratio of input video: 16:9.


I checked all these registers, found seems no one is related with video size (1080P or 720P). I also check ADV711 programming guide, it seems there is no register used to configure the video size too. Does it mean I don't need configure the ADV7511 to display a specific size video? ADV7511 will detect it automatically?


Thanks very much.