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I am working on QuadVision System which accepts 4 camera inputs (PAL @ 25 FPS each) and one PAL output...we have selected plaform ADSP-BF561+ ADV7180 x 2+  ADV7171....will this combination work ? Is there any better solution for this?

Question asked by shivamkhole on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by VineethaThomas

Dear All,

                    We are working with a system development for surveillance application which accepts 4 camera inputs (PAL @ 25 FPS). and one PAL output which can be connected to screen via RCA port.

                    The selected hardware configuration is as follows


                    VIDEO DECODER - ADV7180 - 2 for 4 inputs

                    VIDEO ENCODER - ADV7179KCPZ - 1 for video output

                    ADSP-BF561 as system MPU and DSP


                    I have to show four camera output on a single screen (just like DVR) as shown in attached file


                    We are accepting 4 camera output so at a time we are accepting 100 frames per second.


                    The application is real time and we can have delay. So we have to process each input parallely.


                    My question is by using BLACKFIN PPIO and Dual Core Arch. is it possible what we are looking for...


                    I just want kind of suggestion before we get started with designing ...


                    Looking for valued guidance.




- Shivam K.