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BF537 ez Kit (adi_ad1854_GetTxBuffer)

Question asked by NPatzo on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by NPatzo

Hi there,


I get a SPORT Error (Error Code: 0x00000008)

when I try to get the Processed audio Buffer inside a CTimerHandler. (adi_ad1854_GetTxBuffer)

Iam using the drivers from the "Audioloopback" and "CoreTimePeriodic" Examples.



Because i want to submit new values in a fixed Time Span, i want to work with these Timers.

But even when i use a different Timer (like GpTimer) i get the same Error Message.


When I Test the Code inside the Main Loop everything works just fine and i dont know why working with Timers brings up the Error.


I am still a Beginner in programming and i never worked on this Target / these drivers i hope you can Support me.