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several questions about STDI

Question asked by tracyone on May 4, 2014
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adv7842 or adv7441a


How to calculate BL?

where can I find the detail parameter about different video format(RGB and HDMI)


SVGA@60hz(800*600@60hz),according to 《VESA and Industry Standards and Guidelinesfor Computer Display Monitor Timing (DMT)》

(8*(26.4E-6)/(1/(28.63636E6))=6047.999232       the number of 28.63636mHz clock

26.4:Hor Total Time

28.63636:XTAL freq

8:one block has 8 line

but in Table 52(adv7441a hw manual) SVGA@60hz BL's value is 6039


How to calculate LCVS


where to get the value of LCF?


how can i autodetect video format from VGA input to HDMI input