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ADIS16480 position tracking experiments/accuracy

Question asked by ianw11 on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by NevadaMark

We are using the ADIS16480 in a project to track position and have observed noise on the x, y, and z acceleration sensors (and the delta x/y/z velocity entries in the ADIS-EVAL software). We have the ADIS16480AMLZ installed onto an EVAL-ADIS and are using the IMU Evaluation software to collect roughly 10 seconds worth of data, while we move the unit in a straight line for a total distance of 9 meters.   We then took the data and ran it through our kinematics code and found that our position estimates varied from  8 meters to 11 meters. As for the specifics of the noise, when the device was left at rest and data was sampled for a few (~4) seconds, each sensor displayed noise.  This noise was typically less than .01 m/s^2 (or it only existed in the thousandths place).  A solution would then to only read through the hundredths place, I suppose, if you endorse that.  Is there anything we can do to improve the accuracy?