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What extra setting needed to get VIDEO TALK THROUGH example working?

Question asked by shivamkhole on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by CraigG

Dear All,

                    I have started my work on ADSP-BF-561 KIT recently. After getting through UART and general projects, I am trying to do Video - Talk- Through Example. I have connected a camera (25 frames/sec ) PAL source to bottom right of J6 and a monitor having PAL input at the top middle of J6. (MY BOARD REVISION IS 2.3 and these connections are as per the readme.txt)

                        Also after reading the README.TXT guidelines, I had done all required setting of DIP switches as given below,

- Dipswitch SW5: set #1 to "off", all others to on

          - Dipswitch SW2: set #2,3,5 to "off", #1,4,6 to on

          - Dipswitch SW3: set #1,4 to "off", #2,3 to on


                    I have rebuild the project and since its a multiprocessor application i am pressing CTRL+F5. IDDE is showing status as running but i am not able to see any output on screen.


                    I have read in upfront of readme.txt about few jumper setting to enable external voltage and all.



                   What can be the possible cause of this issue.? Is anything leftout? OR any extra setting required?


- Thanks & Regards,