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ADuC7060/61: What to do with unused JTAG pins?

Question asked by V.M. on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by MMA

In previous postings, two different and contradictory answers where given for the question: What to do with the unused JTAG pins?


In one answer, it is recommended to add external pull-ups to the JTAG pins TMS, TCK,  and TDI (as called for in the datasheet, under pins’ descriptions).


In the other posting, it is recommended to connect TMS, TCK,  TDI directly to VDD, and leave the TDO pin open.


Can we please have a definitive answer?


A related question: In the thread “ADUC7061: PIN nTRST”

it is confirmed that the nTRST pin is in fact connected to P0.7 GPIO pin. After RESET it could possibly be used as I/O (of course, considering that it must have an external pull-up that will make its state high at the time of RESET, or some other circuit arrangement).


The question is: are any of the JTAG pins are likewise connected to GPIO port(s), and could possibly be used as I/O (or ONLY output pins, or ONLY input pins, correspondingly)?