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ADV7183B Question

Question asked by ap00 on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by GuenterL

We have a customer using one of our older systems and it is having a problem with their video signal. Picture 20140430_153250… shows what the video should look like at the output of the system.  Output.jpg is what is coming out of the system.  The remaining pictures are from the scope showing the actual video signal from the customers system. The pdf file is the page from our schematic.


To give you a system level perspective, the video is input to a box of their design which overlays the text on the video and then outputs it to our box. If the overlay is skipped, it works fine. So it is obvious that the overlay is the problem. The scope shots are for the video during the overlay period. There is some obvious distortion to the horizontal sync pulse.


What we are interested in is if there is any way we can correct for this in the ADV7183B using software settings. Beyond that, is there something we can do in our hardware to correct for this? The customer has not changed their hardware in 10 years and they claim it works with other equipment. In fact the very first image was captured using a StarTech USB Video Capture Cable (SVID2USB2). So we know there is something out there that can decode this video.


A quick response to this is greatly appreciated.