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A simple application for SDP/DAC ev board

Question asked by m.lucarelli on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by musach


I'm new in the Analog Devices world ... so de patient.


I need to develop a simple application using your DSP+DAC evaluation board. Right now I have one SDP-B ev board and a couple of DAC ev board (AD9834 and AD5668).

My application should simply generate a couble of configurable voltages output composed by a constant component + a sinusoidal component. The latter frequency between 1Hz and 10KHz.


Do my hardware is right to do this?

Beeing this not a high performance requirement could the HW be downsized with other ev board to obtain the same result?


In the documentation I've found only a startup guide for a demo app. Where to start to develop a custom application?

There's a SDK/API to drive the SDP-B ev board?


Thank you