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UART Sending with DMA

Question asked by Joshua on Aug 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by Andreas

  Now I am doing UART with DMA.(BF561 EVB + VDSP5 Updata 8)


  Here is UART_Receice_Block(), using for receiving data from PC . The function is well done.


  Here also is UART_Send_Block() ,using for sending data to PC. But the function is very strange. When i debug by step(F10),it works well; when i debug by runing(F5), only some data is received on PC( the last 4 bytes is lost all the time). But the interrupt signal of DMA is OK.


  In Interrupt ISR, there is a counter vaiable. When debugging by running, the counter will add 1 every time.


  Both  function is based on EE-347.


  What is happened?