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AD5933 Eval board and Linux

Question asked by abdelghani on May 1, 2014
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  I am working on a project which is using AD5933. I am working on the EVAL-AD5933EBZ to evaluate the functionality of AD5933 and later we will design our board which will be based on AD5933.


My issues are:


1. The EVAL-AD5933EBZ has USB port + cy7c68013a-56-ltxc MC, I want to communicate to AD5933 through the MC, but I don't know how to do it, would you please provide to me documents, links, code sources? I am using Linux on PC.


2. I read that it is possible to talk directly through I2C but there is no direct contact between my PC and the EVA through I2C, so the only way is to go through the EZ_USB chip.


3. Is there a way to use wireless communication between AD5933 and the PC ( for example by adding some hardware to the EVA )


4. Linux is supporting AD5933, but it can use only the I2C bus, is there a driver or a program which can talk to AD5933 through cy7c68013a? So I do not need to either write the driver or the program !!


5. For lInux, I see only  , do you have other resources for Linux for AD5933?



I will really appreciate your feedback and help.


Many thanks





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