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ADE7880 - Can MCU reads rms values when HSDC sends package data to MCU

Question asked by karens on Apr 30, 2014
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I am new to ADE7880. Questions on ADE7880 HSDC interface.


1.     Upon the datasheet, HSDC should be connected to SPI port of the MCU. Since the SPI port on the MCU must be set as the slave, I think I can use spi interrupt on MCU to get the data package from ADE7880 via HSDC interface, is it right? My question is that if the MCU wants to read ADE7880 registers, e.g. phase or neutral current / voltage RMS values when zero crossing occurred, using I2C interface, will it be the issue or problem if HSDC interface was just on the transmission process? Similarly, during the communication between MCU and ADE7880 through I2C interface, will it be the problem if HSDC starts sending data to MCU through SPI port?


2.      To use HSDC interface, the MCU SPI port must be set to slave mode. If MCU spi interrupt and ADE7880 HSDC interface are enabled, Will ADE7880 automatically sends data package to MCU at 8K Hz (or 4 KHz, upon table 25 setup)?


3.      Does MCU need to do some setup, e.g. set or clear some bit on ADE7880 registers, after getting one package of data via HSDC interface to prepare for the next reading? Or ADE7880 will take care it.


4.      If ADE7880 can automatically sends data to MCU using HSDC interface at 8 KHz rate, what will happened if MCU didn't retrieve the data right the way via the SPI port? In other words, Will the data on SPI buffer be overwritten when the new data was being sent from HSDC interface, OR HSDC interface will hang until the MCU reads SPI buffer data?


Thank you very much for the help.