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ADV8003 Frame Grab Process/Method

Question asked by danngai on Apr 30, 2014
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First of all, thank you for your previous help.  Awesome.  Thank you.   I have another question on the ADV8003. 


I’ve been told that I can use the ADV8003 to do a frame grab—I need to be able to freeze the video and then read out the contents of the DDR2 frame buffer via the CPU.


It looks like the OSD SPI Slave port should be able access the raw frame grab data,  but unfortunately the low-level SPI OSD registers don’t appear to be accessible/defined and the whole interface is abstracted by the Blimp API for doing high-level OSDs. 


Can you tell us what is the ADI proposed method/mechanism that we should use for capturing a frozen frame buffer into our controlling CPU?


Thank you!