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CN0272-SDPZ + SDP-CB1Z not working

Question asked by supray on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by JFitzger


Few days ago I bought a EVAL CN0272-SDPZ (Rev C/630479) board ( 2 MHz pin Photo diode) and a SDP-CB1Z board (Serial-650194). I connected the CN0272 to SDP_CB1Z through connector A. Then connected Analog`s 6 volt power adapter(CFTL-6V-PWRZ) to CN0272, set the jumper J1 to accept -5 volt bias voltage. Then  installed the CN0272-SDP Eval software and finally connected the SDP-1Z to computer through USB. The board got detected in computer correctly and the driver is installed ( Win 7). The LED on the CN0272 is on and also the SDP-CB1Z LED also glowing. Then I opened the CN0272-SDP EVAL software and click "Connect to SDP board" to connect to the board. The board got connected. Then I click "Take Snapshot" and the SDP-CB1Z does take the snapshot but the photo current is always zero. It does not matter whether light is falling on the photo diode or not the current (uA) is always zero. I tried to connect CN-0272 to B connector but still same problem. Tried "multiple snapshot" and it does take multiple snapshot but the same problem.. current is still zero. Tested the SDP-CB1Z board through configuration-> Flash LED and it does flash the LED on CB1Z board. I wonder whether the CN0272 board has some fault ?

Does anybody has solution for this problem ?