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ADSP-21469 AMI Parallel Flash boot is it AMI_MS0 or AMI_MS1?

Question asked by Fixation on Aug 6, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by Mitesh

Hi All,


I Was reading throughout the Hardware Reference Manual and i think there is a contradiction.

on page 179 it says:


" The processors support direct execution of instructions from external
memory, using the 16-bit external port. Execution is supported from
external memory bank 0 space which is selected by the MS0 pin of the AMI
(AMI_MS0) or the DDR_CS0 pin of DDR2."


this indicates that booting from parallel flash is supported by use of AMI_MS0


on page 705 it says:


"The ADSP-2146x processors allow booting through the external port. The
boot setting is configured through the BOOTCFG2–0 pins and are set to 010.
The asynchronous memory interface (AMI) supports an 8-bit user boot
called AMI boot. Only the MS1 signal is used for AMI (FLASH/EEPROM)


here it says that AMI_MS1 signal could be used for AMI Booting.


Could someone clarify which signal I need??