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Communication with ADAU 1701

Question asked by Tom82 on Aug 6, 2010
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I'm working with the ADAU 1701. According to the data sheds I've built up a circuit quite similar to that of the EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ. Mostly some elements of the evaluation board are just left out.


After building a prototype board with my circuit on it I've tried to communicate with the SigmaDSP through SigmaStudio - but without success. I'm unable to write to or read from the registers. On the opposite side is a full communication with the EEPROM possible.


So I've started do check the board for failures and also compared the voltage on every pin of the ADAU1701 on my board with that on the evaluation board. So I managed to locate some failures and fixed them. But without further success concerning the communication problem although the voltages are similar right now.


While I don't have that much experience on the field of micro controllers I'm writing here cause I don't have an idea how to continue.


Is there anything important to initialize the ADAU1701 what I could have missed?


Is there a certain way how to check if the ADAU1701 is defect or not? Maybe by measuring the voltage on a special pin or looking at the signal with an oscilloscope during a special state like powering up the board?


I would be thankful for any type of help!


Greetings Thomas