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Testing ICEPAC memory failure

Question asked by Elango on Apr 29, 2014
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I am running the self test to check the emulator interface. I am using ADZS-USB-ICE emulator in Visual DSP++ 4.5 version in Windows 7 OS.

Test fails at Step 3: Testing ICEPAC memory as "Error writing to ICEPAC memory. Ensure that the emulator card is seated properly and that the I/O port is correct".

I checked my connections are correct and I could able to see power green light(Enable/Power) in emulator is ON. I noticed the volts light 3.3/5V never comes ON. It indicates that the emulator is not powered up with 3.3/5V. Suspected the emulator went bad I connected the same emulator in Windows XP PC with Visual Dsp++  v4.5 and it works fine without any failures. I have recently upgraded to Windows 7Is this problem something to do with the Windows 7 drivers. Please help. Initially Windows 7 doesn't allow to install VDSP++ v4.5, then i installed with XP compatibility mode. Is this problem related to Windows 7 drivers which is not compatible with VDSP++ v4.5? Looking for advice.