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Licensing Error while trying to compile modified source code for HSC EVALCZ

Question asked by abhishek123 on Apr 28, 2014
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I am using the HSC-EVALCZ data capture board in conjunction with the AD9276 ADC evaluation board for prototyping an ultrasound system. Well, I found out that I would need to change the source code for the Octal High Speed bin file for data capture to incorporate an external trigger (in correlation with the transmit part of the ultrasound electronics) to the system. I got the source code from the product forum. However, for the Xilinx ISE version I have, the licensing does not support the corresponding Virtex 4 XC4VFx20 architecture...Hence I cannot generate the new bin file for collection...Could you produce the bin file for me if I give you the Xilinx ISE modified source code???I tried contacting Xilinx, but they seem too slow!!Please help at the earliest!!!