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ADV7625 ARC problem

Question asked by yeguiyou002 on Apr 28, 2014
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     I used EVAL-ADV7625EB1Z to test the ARC,but fail.I used the Demo board connect with the SONY TV(Of course support ARC),and send the command"arcrx ap1 on" or "arcrx ap2 on" through RS232,and the board print as follow:

"CoreId is 0"

"ARC is enabled"

"CEC: Sending Initiate ARC"

"APP: CEC Tx timed-out"


     I had try many times ,but the same result.

     My Demo board Revsion is show as follow:


"ADI X-Point Repeater Application Ver X2.1.2"

"PLATFORM: DVP 762x EVAL Rev 0x0"

"HDMI-RX:  ADV7625 Rev 0x4082 "

"HDMI-TX:  ADV7625 Rev 0x4082"


     I don't what reason cause this probem.Waitting your help.Thank you!