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can4linux and serial RS232 incompatibility

Question asked by MaelFichou on Apr 27, 2014
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I got a problem when I try to use both a can communication (Can4linux driver) and a serial RS232 on port com ttyS0 :

- If I use each one independantly in a compiled program, everything works correctly,

- When I open both in the same program, it freezes with no explanation during the configuration procedure.

I noticed that often the crash happens when I use tcsetattr for the serial configuration (after the configuration of Can).


Any of you already tried to use both communication in the same program?

I even tried to configure the COM port first in a bash file, to avoid configuration in the program, but it doesn't work anymore.

I use a SSV/DNP5370 board, with BF537 on it, µClinux R2006.


Thanks for your help,


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Mael Fichou