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How to get accurate readings in ADE7763's Vrms register

Question asked by Deep123 on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by dlath

Hello everyone,


                      as I am using ADE7763 to measure the Vrms,Irms and Active power.

but when i am reading the Vrms register as the method suggested in the datasheet of ADE7763, i did not get accurate readings of VRMS register.


i am doing the following method to read the Vrms register.





     Rstatus = Read_Reg(0x0C);

     Rstatus = (Rstatus & 0x0010);


}while(Rstatus == 0x0010);


Vrms = Read_Reg(0x17);


here The readings of the Vrms register are varying randomly from min to max. readings and also there is while(Rstatus == 0x0010) infinite loop there that stuck the execution of programm if interrupt not occures.

so is there any other ways to read the Vrms register accuratly.