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Behavior of black curve in parametric equalizer parameter window

Question asked by peter12175 on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by peter12175

Hello all,


I start my first project with an ADAU1701 on a MiniZ evalution board.


When I created a simple high pass I got picture sgbrt3A.JPG. What is the meaning of the black curve and the blue shaded area ?


If I change the minimal displayed frequency from 3 to 10 Hz I get sgbrt3b.JPG, with a completely different black curve, and if I go back to 3 Hz I do not come back to the first picture but I see sgbrt3c.JPG. If I close the parameter window and I reopen it all is ok ( picture sgbrt4.JPG ) What does this mean ?


I will continue with a second message with examples about the black curve in this window.


Excuse my bad english, I am a Swiss living in France.


Kind regards.


Peter Greuter