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ADXL345 DATA READY interrupt and Signle&Double tap not working

Question asked by pentelone on Apr 25, 2014
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I'm trying to read data form ADXL345 when it triggers data interrupt on int pin. During debbug sesion i see that ADXL345 do not let uC know that there is new data to read. It only let it know about free fall activity and inactivity. DATA Ready Single & Double tap interrupts are not working. Did i forget to setup something more in registers?

Heres what i send to ADXL345. I will add that every data which have been send to ADXL345 are then verify and uC let me know if sth is wrong, so i'm 100% sure that communication is working fine




          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(BW_RATE, 0x0A); //0x0e

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(DATA_FORMAT, 0x0A);//0x08

            //////////////////// config of tap detection ////





          /ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_TAP_AXES_REG ,0x09);


          ///////////////////free fall/////////////////






          ////////////////// inactivity & activity //////





          ////////////////// FIFO /////////////////////////

          //ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_FIFO_CTL,0x90); //90 int1 // b0 int2 - stream mode 16 samples


          //////////////////////// adxl345 int enable /////////////

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_INT_MAP_REG, 0x00);

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_INT_ENABLE_REG  ,0x9C); //0x64 bez act&inact 7C = inac&act //5c all without double tap //1c free fall inact&act



Thank you for help