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Porting of AD9361 to Altera FPGA

Question asked by JonasHolm Employee on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by rgetz

I can see that ADI has some reference designs for Altera
from the following page:


I have tried the "c:/github/hdl/projects/fmcjesdadc1/a5gt" project
and it all seems to work fine, but it is created for AD9250 and we need it for AD9361 instead.

Is that possible?


From the
it seems like that somebody from ADI is working on the AD9361 for Altera. At
least there is the following two files, see attached screendump.


How do we get some more information about the porting of AD9361
to an Altera device. Where are they in the porting and what device is they