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Question about HDMI freerun mode in adv7441a

Question asked by tracyone on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by DaveD

In fact,I have two question.


the first one is:

"If free run is enabled, the Primary Mode setting, the Video Standard and Vertical Frequency registers must be set according to the required resolution for free run"


there are  two freerun mode for hdmi:

  1. HDMI free run mode 0: Free run if the TMDS clock is not detected
  2. HDMI free run mode 1: Free run if the TMDS clock is not detected or if an expected video mode is not detected by the STDI section


if I choose the second mode,what happen after the STDI block canI not detect the video format that was specified in PRIM_MODE,VID_STD and CP_V_FREQ register.

Can i change the PRIM_MODE,VID_STD and CP_V_FREQ register dynamically according the infomation from STDI block so that the adv7441a can detect the current video format?


the second one is:

I have downloaded "",in this archive ,i found a recommend config file for adv7441a,


I have some doubt on this file:


50 10 06 ; Encoder output channel enabled – 36 Bit

50 19 01 ; ADV7441A Video Input Module

50 1B 02 ; Rev E Video Output Module


what's the meaning of "50",slave address???

adv7441a has 8 map,none of their slave address is 0x50