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Question asked by avjone on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by Prashant

Hello everyone,


I am using CM403 processor and working on Internal ADC.i referred EE365v01.pdf for my design.


Once done with design,I executed the program (Single_channe_2631) using IAR 6.5.Set the input voltage(a fixed DC voltage,so I can verify the output) to ADC0 VIN04 present in CM403 board.Sampling was happening(but Timer0 handler alone was called and timer 1 handler did not get called).However my output buffer and event data register always shows 0.


Then I executed the BSP examples ADCC_Circular & ADCC_Linear.The result was same.When cross checking everything,checked the readme file for all the above examples.It was mentioned that, they were all tested with CM408.


These BSP examples and EE365v01 examples will work on CM403 without any change in code? or I need to make any changes to make it work on CM403?


Please let me know.It will be highly helpful.



Vijay A.