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ADP1850/ADP1851 PCB Layout Question

Question asked by jacky-C on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by power-layout-guy

Dear All:

I read "AN-1119-Printed Circuit Board Layout Guidelines for Step-Down Regulators..." documents have some question, would like to ask ADP1850/ADP1851 the thinnest 4-layer PCB Board thickness how much? 1.6mm feasible? ADP1850/ADP1851 demo board thickness is how much? The PCB  second/third layer the thinnest copper thickness is how much? there some PCB Board actual molding references can be provided to me let my PCB manufacturers can reference?


Finally, I would like to refer to ADI ADP1850DP-EVALZ/ADP1850SP-EVALZ/ADP1851-EVALZ and PRD1366 (ADP1850: 12.0 Vin, 8 Outputs at 2A to 8A) PCB Layout design approach can provide PCB Layout and Gerber files to my reference it?