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ADXL345 free fall interrupt not working

Question asked by pentelone on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 12, 2014 by neilzhao


i setup my sensor like this:



          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(BW_RATE, 0x0A); //0x0e

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(DATA_FORMAT, 0x02);//0x08

            ///////////////////free fall/////////////////


          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_TIME_FF_REG ,0x14);


          //////////////////////// adxl345 int enable /////////////

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_INT_MAP_REG, 0x00);

          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(ADXL345_INT_ENABLE_REG  ,0x04); //0x64 bez act&inact 7C = inac&act and rest


          ADXL345_WRITE_AND_VERIFY(POWER_CTL, 0x08); //0x08 measure only //3c autosleep link mode


I want adxl345 to inform uC when free fall is detectred by int1 pin. When i drop it, it's not working. Am i forgot to configure sth or sensor is not working poperly?


Thank you for help